Most professional manufacturer of G24 PL LED Lamp:

 Ecosram  Time: 2014-5-13

With technology development and energy shortage, CFL lamp is widely replaced by LED lamp. LED Lamp isn’t only energy saving, but also eco-friendly because of no UV, no mercury, no flicker. There’s some unusual bases in the market of G23,G23-2, G24D,G24Q, GX23,GX23-2. They not quite different from E27 base. To meet the market demand, Ecosram made it and can make PL LED Lamp with all those bases.
Many suppliers in China manufacturer PL LED lamp, but different prices. There’re mainly 3 reason. Firstly also the most important one: driver.  Ecosram uses “Isolated driver” with Rubycon capacitor which is safe and high efficiency. Driver is like the heart to people. No good driver, no high quality and long life span lamp. Secondly: LED chip. Ecosram used Taiwan Epistar led chip which is about 100lm/W efficiency. High quality led chip will last long and quite low lumen decay. Thirdly: the housing. Ecosram uses “ High thermal conductivity aluminum” to make sure the heat is dispatched quickly when lamps working. With good heat sink, led chip and driver won’t be burnt by high temperature, so can guarantee the lamp with long life span, then save maintainance fee. Think about that: you purchased some PL LED lamp, it works well in first several months, but after 6months or 1 year, it goes dark quickly and began to failed. You changed them 1 by 1, or wait failed units to a certain amount, then changed together ? No matter which way, you’ll feel it’s a big trouble and annoying.
Different materials caused different prices and different qualities although they look the same on appearance. China can make lamps in the price even surprised you but remember that: No good goods cheaper. If you need cheap price, then accept the related quality. No manufacturer will make goods for you without profit. So if you got the lamp in surprised price but gone bad in short time, don’t just complaint Chinese lamps shit. It’s a bad recycle. But still there’re many manufacturers insist on high quality products.  So suppliers and buyers have to work together to make a good & healthy business environment.