Compatible T8 LED Tube match all electronic ballasts

Compatible LED Tube:
No need remove starter&ballast when replace conventional fluorescent tube. Nothing to change on existing fixture. It can compatible Philips, Osram,Toshiba, GE etc. electronic ballast. It's safe and more labor saving!
No need rewire Compatible Led Tube Installation Diagram:
1. Fluorescent Tube with Electronic Ballast:

2. Fluorescent Tube with Magnetic Ballast&Starter:


1.Isolated driver: Conversion efficiency above 90% and power factor >0.95; Much safer than non-isolated driver.
2.If one led chip dies, won't effect one series, just one led chip can't work. And the led chip light 
efficiency is 105lm/W.
3Whichever 2 pins are connected to AC85-265V, the tube will work, and another 2 pins left are out of electricity. 
4. Just replace the conventional fluorescent tube by Compatible LeTube, no need to remove the ballast & starter. 
5. When starter or ballast bad, just remove them and Compatible Led Tube can work directly with 85-265VAC
6. Warranty: 3 years

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