Best Seller in 2013: Portable rechargeable LED Flood light/ LED Work light

There’re many series of led flood light now: from the basic normal lighting LED flood light, to motion sensor led flood light, then is portable led flood light as work light mostly. Now, portable rechargeable led flood light released: It can be 5W, 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W with 2h,3h,56h,8h emergency working time. Rechargeable led floodlight makes life and work easier and more convenient.
Portable LED Rechargeable Flood Light is designed for Drivers, Campers and others who require a versatile lighting solution that includes the ability to illuminate large areas. There are three flexible mounting options to choose from, so you can use it for a portable light that can be placed on any flat surface. The fixture angle is adjustable. If no need the bottom ” H” stand, put it on a Tripod, then you can use anywhere you want. The tripod can be single, double or three heads for lights. Rechargeable led work light is more widely used especially when magnet feet released. Put it anywhere with the magnetic stand.
The light is rated IP65 dustproof and waterproof (weather proof and rain safe - not submersible). Can be Epistar or Bridgelux led chip. These super bright LED lights are rated at 90lm/W. Portable LED Flood Light is durable, convenient and long life span. People can use it in and out of the house; car; boat; lofts; garages etc. It change the concept of “ Portable light”. Rechargeable cordless led work light is more functional than led torch light or led camp light. It’s not just a workstar at night, but best seller in the various lights is 2013 !