Rechargeable LED Floodlight for outdoor activities

Rechargeable LED Floodlight for outdoor activities
When you come back lately in the evening, do you think it’s dark in your garage after you turn off your car? This situation is even worse when there’s power off.
When you’re mending the car, do you think it’ll be better if there’s a handless lamp bright enough at the bottom of the car?
How about the construction area? Sometimes the workers needs to work at night but no enough brightness to support. Forget about the halogen lamp, it’s much waste of light and energy, also the money.
Autumn comes, why not go out have a picnic? If camp in the evening, let’s bring a portable flood light, bright enough. But how to make it work?
Portable rechargeable led flood light released! Forget all these troubles. Now with it, all problems gone. It’s portable and rechargeable, IP65 grade for outdoor use. Rechargeable led floodlight 5W,10W,20W,30W,50W with 3h,6h,8h emergency working time to meet different application demands. With COB led source, 10W can replace 100W halogen lamp and >40,000 hours life span while halogen lamp is only 1000hours. IP65 grade to protect it from the damage even in the rain.
Rechargeable portable flood light will bring people more convenient and eco-friendly life!

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  1. rechargeable led floodlight 5W,10W,20W with 2h,3h,6h,8h emergency working time: